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I’m Charles Fisher, creator of WillISucceed.com. I have lots of ideas in this creative head of mine and I’m just getting started on implementing them. You’re going to see what I do and how I do it. Most importantly, whether or not it works.

See the goal boxes above? As I reach my goals (see my goals), those boxes will get checked off. So keep up with me on this journey as I learn, create, earn income, and start checking those boxes off.  Basically, I’m going to become the lab rat for passive income failure or success.

My Goal


More Detail About My Goals

The name of the site is Will I Succeed? In order to answer that question, I need to define success to me. I have seven major goals to reach. These are financial goals that are, in major part, driven by the success or failure of what I’m doing. You’ll notice at the top of my site is a progress bar. Every time a goal of mine is reached, one those boxes will get a check mark. Once all seven boxes have been checked it’s happy dance time!

Here are the goals, in order:

  1. Reach $10,000 in savings
  2. Pay off credit card debt, make some home improvements, and still have $10,000 in savings
  3. $15,000 in savings
  4. My wife quits her job
  5. $30,000 in savings
  6. Purchase a bigger home
  7. Quit my nine-to-five to run my own empire.

For more information on my logic behind these goals, visit the success page.

What I Like To Use


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Stay Connected

Want to see how I progress on this journey? Join the community watching me and asking “Will he succeed?”

So will I succeed? That is the question. My answer, is yes, I will succeed (that’s my confidence speaking).

Would you be interested in partaking in on this social experiment of mine? Would you be interested in periodically seeing my progress as I reach milestone goals. You’ll learn from what I do that works and what I do that doesn’t work. Either way, you’ll get some value from it.

I’d love to build a huge community of like-minded people that will follow me on this journey.