April Month In Review

April was definitely a busy month for me. On top of working a full-time job, I did a lot of preparation work for our new daughter that will be arriving in August. I’m extremely excited for her arrival. Of course, that also involves a lot of reorganizing, painting, cleaning, and more. I know, no excuses, right?

Excitedly and Speedily Learning Ruby on Rails

That said, I haven’t been slacking in regards to building passive income. I have been spending a good amount of time this month learning Ruby on Rails. Why am I learning Ruby on Rails? What does that have to do generating passive income. Well, I have some ideas for some websites and, from my research on back-end programming languages, I decided on Ruby on Rails. ¬†Plus, I’ve been wanting to refresh my programming skills. Most importantly, I’m having fun learning.

So how did my streams of passive income do for April? Unfortunately, not good. My main streams of passive income are

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Udemy course sales
  • Amazon FBA Product Sales
  • Market America compensation plan

Unfortunately, my only profitable source was my Udemy course.

Happy About My Site Analytics

The only one of those that I made a profit on was my Udemy course. In regards to affiliate marketing and Google Adsense, I don’t expect to see income on those until my sites start to see more traffic. That is a good segway in my something that I am happy about and that would be my site analytics. I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Will I Succeed Site Stats (AWStats)

Unique Visitors in March – 379
Unique Visitors in April – 626

So I almost more than doubled those stats.

Number of Visits in March – 815
Number of Visits in April – 1,304

I’m very happy with this. So how did the numbers double? Well, I did quite a bit of work at the beginning of the month to get some high quality backlinks to my site. For example, I submitted my site to AllTop.com which is a website for bloggers and it has a high domain rating. Also I’ve been submitting my URLs to StumbleUpon, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, and a few other sites.

Pro Blog Resources Site Stats (AWStats)

Unique Visitors in March –¬†42
Unique Visitors in April – 3,008

Number of Visits in March – 169
Number of Visits in April – 3,580

I know, wow! That said, I do have to admit something. I paid an SEO service towards the end of the month to help me out. Obviously, they are doing what I paid them to do. So, believe it or not, although these numbers are way better looking, I’m happier about the Will I Succeed analytics since that was all accomplished per my own doing.

Income Report

So without further ado, my Income Report

Income Breakdown

Gross Income: $110.53
Amazon FBA: $73.69
Udemy Course: $36.81
Google Adsense: $0.03

Expense Breakdown

Total Expenses: $342.72
Amazon FBA: $85.51
Market America: $242.21
Hostgator Webhosting: $15.00

Net Profit Breakdown

Total Net Profit: -232.19

Plans For May

For May, I am planning on helping my wife out to try and build Market America up. Obviously, it’s my biggest expense item right now. Fortunately, for us, we have people in our team that are all accumulating business volume. The way Market America works, you need two people who you personally bring into the system in order to qualify for the commission payments. We have one. But not the other. Once we get that other person, we’re at the point where we will start seeing $300 commission checks. So there is definitely motivation to get it going.

My other focus for the month is of May is to continue to learning and planning out one of my app ideas.

Crossing my fingers for a successful month of May.

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