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There’s no doubt I’ve been very busy this month. Sometimes, I have to ask myself, “am I in over my head?” But then I think about my family and say, “No, I’m just getting started.” So here a few updates I wanted to share with you on my progress.

Facebook Make Money From Home Groups Disgust me

When I launched this site I decided to join a bunch of Facebook Groups. After doing so I’m not sure that it was such a good idea. Some of the groups are great. But, in particular, the groups that frustrate me the most are the “make money from home” groups. I’m actually thinking of leaving most of them. Sometime soon I’m sure I’ll write a whole post about how bad these groups are.

To vent about it a little bit here I’ll say this. All I see is person after person advertising their get rich quick scheme. They’re showing pictures of Paypal payments received, stacks of 100 dollar bills (ya, really classy), or some script they copy/pasted into the post. Horrible, horrible, horrible for so many reasons. Okay, I’ll stop there because I can go on. But I have good stuff to get to.

Will I Succeed Site Updates

There are currently two blog posts (three if you count this one) on WillISucceed.com. My goal is to release at least one good blog post every week. I feel like my last post on 15 Different Ways to Generate Passive Income is a strong one. It’s full of lots of valuable information. I’m sure, at some point-in-time, I will go back to it and edit it with more ideas as I want this post to be kind of like an ongoing list of ideas for people to use. This is the kind of post that, over time, has good possibilities to jump up high in the search engines (fingers crossed).

Also, kind of geeky side-note to fellow bloggers. For some reason I could not get Google Adsense to work on my blog. Long story short, I had W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin installed. This is a very popular plugin used by many bloggers to help speed up your blog. The problem is it hindered my Google Adsense from displaying. After simply disabling the plugin Adsense started working. I’m going to tinker around with it as I’d like to still get it to work on my site due to the benefits it provides.

My Next New Site Is About To Launch

About half way through getting WillISucceed (WIS) up and running I had an idea for another site as well. I was so excited about this idea that I decided to work on it in parallel to WIS. Without going into detail about it I will briefly state this. It’s a resource website for bloggers. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is. But after I release the site I will let you in on why I decided to create this site and it’s based off a case study I read on another company that earned six figures within less than a year doing something very similar to what I’m doing.

So needless to say, I have high hopes for this site. Check back to WillISucceed.com within the next few days and you should see a new release blog post where I will be introducing the site.

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I Need To Stop Neglecting BizOppReviews

I have anther site I created a while back that I’ve been neglecting. That site is BizOppReviews.com. It’s been a few months now since I’ve updated the website. I’m going to use the excuse that most people do that I’ve been busy. Which is true. I’ve been working hard preparing two brand new websites. So I decided to start writing a new blog post for the site which I will, hopefully, have complete in another week. I want to make this a strong post (at least 1,500 words). So make sure to check into BizOppReviews and subscribe to my email list there.

In writing the post I got sidetracked noticing a lot of stuff I was not liking about the website. So I also made some changes to the website that are based off some tips I received from the Blog Millionaire podcast. For example, I noticed I had way to many advertisements on the sidebar. So on the home page I actually got rid of the sidebar all together. Also, I noticed none of my blog posts had Google Adsense going. I fixed that. Finally, I got rid of my ugly looking Aweber optin form and put in an optin form I made using the Optin Forms WordPress plugin. It’s much more sleek and stylish. I’m sure there’s a lot more changes I will make to it in the future in order to really make it stand out.

I am also rethinking the whole idea behind the site. I believe the audience could greatly benefit from guest posters and doing interviews with people from various biz opps.

Back Into Programming For My Next Big Idea

To make one of my big ideas happen I will need to learn some programming languages. Needless to say, my programming skills are very rusty. I graduated with an associates degree in software development. But that was back in 2005. To basically relearn programming is a big task but one that is well worth it.

The idea that I have will take some time. I want to say at least a year. I need time to learn, first and foremost. Which is why I’m figuring out which languages to use and learning them. I’m pretty sure Ruby on Rails will be what I use on the back end. The class I’m taking (The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course) has been really good. I highly suggest it if you’re a complete beginner and want to learn how to develop in Ruby.

Income Report For April

So, ideally, I would like to create a video to go along with this income report status in order to show you I’m not faking my numbers. But usually people who are faking numbers are in the positive. I’m in the negative!

Income Breakdown

Gross Income: $163.62
Amazon FBA: $103.40
Udemy Course: $60.20
Google Adsense: $0.02

Expense Breakdown

Total Expenses: $353.81
Amazon FBA: $96.6
Market America: $242.21
Hostgator Webhosting: $15.00

Net Profit Breakdown

Total Net Profit: -190.19

Here’s to a successful April,

Charles Fisher

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