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My Websites

So where is all this passive income going to come from? Well I want to go over what I’m currently doing to work towards passive income.

So without further ado, here are the current things I’m doing to generate passive income.

Will I Succeed - Logo

This is the site you are currently on. Right now I have three income streams I would like to start generating with this site. Those income streams include:

  • Google Adsense
  • CPA ads
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Podcasts (possibly)
  • Product sales (possibly)
Explainer Teacher - Logo

ExplainerTeacher.com – I started this site out of my success I have had in the world of creating explainer videos. Site income streams include:

  • Google Adsense
  • CPA ads
  • Affiliate ads.
  • Udemy course sales
Biz Opp Reviews - Logo

BizOppReviews.com – I started this site to show people various work-from-home jobs they can do. Site income streams include:

  • Google Adsense
  • CPA ads
  • Affiliate ads
  • Product sales
  • Udemy course sales
Market America - Built on Product Powered by People

My wife and I own an Unfranchise business. The site I’m linking to is one that I built to better help people understand what the business is all about. Most all of the videos are from Ryan Stack, another Unfranchise Owner who is having major success with his business. Income streams from Market America include:

  • Management Performance Compensation Plan (MCPC)
  • Retail sales on products
  • Retail sales on websites

Amazon FBA – I actually got into selling goods on Amazon in 2015. 2016 has been a slow year for my Amazon sales as I’ve been concentrating on learning about Internet marketing.

  • Retail product sales

Top Secret Upcoming Business Ideas

I have some great ideas that I’m really excited about. I can’t go into what they are since I don’t want anyone to steal my ideas. What I can say, is that there are two ideas which I plan on working on in 2017.  I see income coming from these businesses in the following ways:

  • Book sales (ebook, audio book)
  • Podcast (possibly)
  • Affiliate sales
  • Google Adsense
  • CPA Ads
  • Sponsored ads (possibly)

Here’s the deal. Remember, I’m going to be 100% honest with you. None of these businesses are currently doing any good. Like I mentioned, I just got started. So you’re going to be with me on this journey as I work to make these businesses profitable. So now it’s time to start kicking things into gear.

Start, run, succeed!

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So will I succeed? That is the question. My answer, is yes, I will succeed (that’s my confidence speaking).

Would you be interested in partaking in on this social experiment of mine? Would you be interested in periodically seeing my progress as I reach milestone goals. You’ll learn from what I do that works and what I do that doesn’t work. Either way, you’ll get some value from it.

I’d love to build a huge community of like-minded people that will follow me on this journey.