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Over the past year I have really dived into Podcasts. I started out listening to just one and now have 25 Podcasts I’m subscribed to. As a matter in fact, I’ve shifted from listening primarily to Podcasts (as opposed to music) when I’m in my car, working out, or doing whatever. In particular, the types of Podcasts I like the most are in the passive income and entrepreneurship categories.

The Podcasts I’ve been listening to have changed my life, positively. I’m more motivated than ever to succeed. Hearing success story after countless success story on various Podcasts has put me into a mindset where I know that success is inevitable.

They’ve also changed my outlook on building my businesses. I use to think with the mindset of writing to sell something. I learned, quickly, that I was doing things all wrong. Two of the biggest keys to success are honesty in the form of transparency and giving your audience valuable content. In other words, stop selling and start providing.

So without further ado, here are some of the more notable Podcasts I’ve been listening to over the past year that are great to listen to.

Podcasts for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

This is the first Podcast that I started listening to. As the title alludes to, this Podcast is all about earning passive income. For the most part, in each episode Pat interviews someone who has had passive income success. He’s really good at getting valuable information from his guests.

I was introduced to the Podcast from his website. On his website are three of his best episodes about the various ways to earn passive income. Those episodes are what got me hooked. After listening to those Podcasts on my laptop I knew I needed to listen to more. So I opened up the Podcast app on my iPhone for the first time, found Smart Passive Income, and started listening to episode after episode.

I couldn’t get enough. Each episode is filled up with value. Usually, I have to pause throughout each episode as the light bulbs start going off in my head. Ideas about something or other start coming to mind based on the interview he’s doing.

Pat’s style is changed me. I’ll explain. In the world of Internet marketing, which is full of blackhat practices  and deceit, Pat is an honest and transparent person who puts it all out there. He gives information for free that you would, otherwise, probably have to pay for at many other sites. You would think to yourself he can’t be doing that great if he’s giving away so much information for free. Well, look at his income reports, which he posts every month on his site, and you’ll see otherwise. He makes six figures, regularly, on a monthly basis. My goal is catch up to you, Pat. Right now my income reports are not exactly great. But what can I say, I’m just starting out. The income streams come from multiple sources.

I think it’s fair to say that Pat Flynn’s type of success is the success that many people hope to achieve in the world of passive income.

Listen to Smart Passive Income

The Art of Likability with Arel Moody

The Art of Likability is filled with great tips on how to, basically, successfully interact with people. From the shows I’ve listened to the format of the show consist of Arel flying solo, talking to you. Each episode seems to focus on something you can do to become more likeable in your day-to-day business life. Arel has a great way of explaining his lessons. He usually does it through example giving real life situations. Personally, I learn best by way of example. So he does a great job of connecting with me.

He always ends each show by letting you know that it’s one thing to listen to what he’s saying, but what’s really important is to implement what he’s saying. I totally agree with you Mr. Moodie.

Listen to The Art of Likability

Gaps. Proven Online Business Opportunities

Glen Allsop runs this Podcast. He doesn’t currently have many episodes available, but each episode awesome! This Podcasts talks about how people have found gaps in the market and capitalized on them. My favorite episodes are the ones where he tells you about a case study of someone who has had some major success with a website they bootstrapped.

He’ll then go on to give you some ideas on how you might be able to utilize the same business model he described to do something different that is just as profitable, if not more. So he’s basically giving away ideas, for free. But more importantly, what I like about this approach is that it makes you think, “how could I use this business model in a different way? A way nobody else is.”

I’ve been highly inspired by this Podcast and already have a couple ideas for websites that I’m thinking of doing based on an episode or two that I listened to.

Listen to the Gaps Podcast

The Blog Millionaire

I suggest listening to his one in front of your computer so that you can take notes (or just go to his website where all the notes from each Podcast are put). These Podcasts are jam-packed with valuable tips and tricks to help you gain visibility on your blog. Each episode is packed with content that you can act on right away. If you’re a blogger, this Podcast is definitely worth subscribing to.

Listen to the Blog Millionaire

Start Here: Web Development

As someone who is getting back into programming, this Podcast is definitely worth subscribing to. The focus of the Podcast, as the name alludes to, is web development. Now I know this isn’t a passive income Podcast, per say. But, the way I look at it is like this… if you know how to build your own websites (and I’m not just talking WordPress websites.) using back-end programming languages, then you have the potential to be very successful. Some of the most successful people in the world are, essentially, web developers. Personally, I have many passive income ideas in this head of mine. Many of those ideas will involve creating websites that need back-end programming to work. Listening to this Podcast is very inspiring.

Listen to Start Here: Web Development

The Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle Nation is very similar to Smart Passive Income, in my opinion. In each episode Nick Loper interviews someone who has had big passive income success by creating a side hustle and growing it out to become a full-time income. I also suggest checking out his website which is full of great information.

Listen to The Side Hustle Nation

The Indie Hackers Podcast

As someone who has ideas in mind that center around bootstrapping my own service-based websites, this Podcast is truly inspirational. In each episode an entrepreneur that decided to bootstrap his own service-based website is interviewed. You learn valuable insights into what lead to their success. They have success stories on their website of people who are successfully making anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month on the side, to six figures per month.

Listen to the Indie Hackers Podcast

Niche Pursuit Podcast

Hosted by Spencer Haws, this Podcast centers around creating niche websites, running software companies, and selling products through Amazon. Spencer originally found success in creating niche websites. From there, Spencer found huge success in his software, Long Tail Platinum. With his Podcast, he helps people realize their niche pursuit potential as he interviews lots of success stories. Spencer’s story is a great one that shows, with enough determination, you too can quit your nine-to-five.

Listen to Niche Pursuits Podcast

I seem to be listening to more and more Podcasts. So I’m sure this list will grow larger, over time. If you know of any Podcasts I should try out, feel free to comment down below and let me know.

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