New Site Launch – Introducing Pro Blog Resources

As I mentioned in my end-of-month update, in parallel to working on building WillISucceed.com I started working on another website as well. That website is (drum roll please)… Pro Blog Resources.

The mission of Pro Blog Resources is to make top lists of resources a blogger may want to invest in to help run a successful blog. For the most part, the lists are in no particular order. Finally, I try to stay unbiased in my reviews.

How I Came Up With the Idea For Pro Blog Resources

The idea for this site came to me when I was working on a blog post on affiliate marketing start-up costs. A couple weeks later I stumbled into an Amazon affiliate site case study that is very similar to what I’m doing. In this case study the author describes how he made $4,500 monthly profit within four months. The article is amazing. I definitely suggest checking it out. But it gets better… much better. Within eight months he ends up with $40k in monthly earnings! All from Amazon!

As you can imagine, seeing this Amazon case study made me very happy. It absolutely solidified my logic behind building Pro Blog Resources. Especially since most of my affiliate links yield much higher commission rates than what Amazon pays out. Amazon is actually pretty low when it comes to commission percentages.

Will Pro Blog Resources Succeed?

Now in regards to the Amazon case study, there was a lot of SEO tactics used to rank 10Beasts so high so soon. Over the next month I plan on using some of the same tactics he employed. Aside from that, I’ve been doing a lot of research into SEO. So I’m looking forward to this journey. I know there’s going to be a lot of work involved with attempting to rank my pages high in Google.

Will I have similar success to 10Beasts? I sure hope so. After all, the name of this website is Will I Succeed? So will Pro Blog Resources succeed? That is the question we will find out.

I truly believe my niche (blogging) is a strong one. There’s lots of people that want to start blogging but they are not sure where to start. There’s also many bloggers that want to learn about all the various resources they may want to invest in. My site covers both of those bases.

Right now I only have four posts available. I plan on releasing many more right away. But I wanted to take the time, right now, to get the ball rolling. 10Beasts actually started there website right at the beginning of April (just like me). I’m very excited about this website and looking forward to seeing how it does over the course of the next year. Make sure to stay up-to-date with me in order to see how it progresses as I’m sure I’ll talk about it in each end-of-month report I release.

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